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Maine Fisher Catches 'Half-Baked' Lobster

posted on 1 August 2006 in Articles / News

Maine Fisher Catches 'Half-Baked' Lobster; 'I Thought Someone was Playing a Joke on Me'The lobster caught in Dyer's Bay is a typical mottled green on onBar Harbor, Maine (Jul 14, 2006 19:47 EST) An ea...more info >>>

My Sons 1st Fish

posted on 1 June 2006 in Articles / News

Took my son Hayden aged 4, on his 1st fishing trip today on a local lake near by he reeled in about 12 fish within a hour so I better watch out!!!!!! I love this Photo ...more info >>>

Man Catches Mystery Fish with Human-Like Teeth in

posted on 1 June 2006 in Articles / News

Tyler, Texas (Jul 20, 2006 09:02 EST) Late Tuesday afternoon, a fisherman hooked a fish he says he`s never seen before and lake officials are just as amazed: a 20-pound fish with what looks like human...more info >>>

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