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Disinfecting fishing tackle to control fish diseas

posted on 16 January 2008 | posted in Articles / News

Disinfecting fishing tackle to control fish disease
If you fish abroad or within areas in England and Wales where there are fish disease outbreaks, you can help to prevent the spread of fish disease by disinfecting fishing tackle after use.

The Defra leaflet "Keep Fish Diseases Out" highlights the importance of this and suggests suitable methods for disinfecting fishing tackle and clothing. Please see leaflet from Defra on the left of this page.

What methods can be used?

There are several disinfection methods available. Two commonly used methods are:

thoroughly drying equipment for a minimum of 48 hours, preferentially in direct sunlight;
chemical disinfectants (Primarily Iodine-based solutions (iodophors) or Virkon® S).
Of these, drying in sunlight is preferable, but may not always practical. In this case, chemical disinfectants can be used.

How do you disinfect your tackle

Equipment should be cleaned of all mud and debris.
It should then be immersed or sprayed with the chosen disinfectant. An immersion/exposure time of at least 10 to 15 minutes is required.
The disinfectant should then be rinsed off with clean water and disinfectant washings must be disposed of in a way that does not harm the environment; they should never be tipped into water containing fish or other aquatic life.
Some disinfectants may contain hazardous chemicals therefore it is important that product labels and manufacturers instructions are followed. Protective clothing and equipment should be worn when diluting disinfectants to protect the eyes and skin. If in doubt seek advice from the suppliers. Manufacturers guidance on disposal should also be followed.

What disinfectants can be used?

Iodophors. This includes products such as Iosan CCT, Deosan Iodophor Udderwash and FAM 30. When active, iodophors are a dark brown solution, however they become colourless when inactivated by prolonged exposure to light. Dilution of iodophors varies between products, therefore manufacturerâ??s guidelines should always be adhered to.

Virkon® S. This is available in both powder and tablet form. It should be made up to a 1% solution with water to form a pink solution. The solution will stay active for around 5 days. The solution kept out of direct sunlight.

For further information please contact:

National Fisheries Laboratory Tel: 01480 483802, Fax: 01480 433873 nflfishhealth@environment-agency.gov.uk

CEFAS Weymouth Laboratory Tel: 01305 206600, Fax: 01305 206601 Fish.Health.Inspectorate@cefas.co.uk

Suppliers of disinfectants

Antec International
Evans Vanodine International
Johnson Diversey UK Ltd