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walshy waters France report

posted on 16 May 2008 in Articles / News

well after a dead smooth and dead fast flight we arrived at the lake about half 1ish the weather was 25* so very hot for us and the fish, Coach Justin Takes GeorgeWe were 1st at the lake so we took a...more info >>>

Coach Justin Visits Le Poire Blanc

posted on 23 March 2008 in Articles / News

After the over night Crossing with Ld Lines to Le Harve , we had a nice 3 hour drive to Mansigne We only got lost once by taking the wrong turning on the A28 as the road signs at time was a little bit...more info >>>

Man catches swordfish with his bare hands

posted on 4 March 2008 in Articles / News

A man visiting Lucaya recently spotted a large fish swimming near shore.He slowly approached a juvenile swordfish and wrestled it to the shoreline. After convincing his partner that they needed to spe...more info >>>

Monster sturgeon tows kayaker across bay

posted on 4 March 2008 in Articles / News

BRENT BARNES of Woodacre says there's nothing quite like hooking a big sturgeon while fishing from a kayak off San Rafael.A fish weighing more than 100 pounds towed the 38-year-old Presidio firefighte...more info >>>

Disinfecting fishing tackle to control fish diseas

posted on 16 January 2008 in Articles / News

Disinfecting fishing tackle to control fish disease If you fish abroad or within areas in England and Wales where there are fish disease outbreaks, you can help to prevent the spread of fish disease b...more info >>>

Facts about Chubb

posted on 15 January 2008 in Articles / News

Common name: Chub Latin name: Leuciscus cephalus Record weight: 8lb 10z, taken by P. Smith from the River Wear in 1994. Distribution: Found in England, except Cornwall, South Wales, and Southern Scotl...more info >>>

Nailors S.A.C Club Results 2007

posted on 1 January 2008 in Articles / News

As you all know the first year of Nailors S.A.C has gone by so quickly , and I think we all have learnt a lot from it. Firstly I would like to thank all the Members for there Support in the Year and l...more info >>>

Nailors Fishing Support The M.S Society

posted on 23 November 2007 in Articles / News

Yes This Year Nailors Fishing Tackle and Nailors S.A.C Support the M .S Society By doing a charity match On Hamble Sea Front 50 odd anglers fishing was well worth the effort , as well as having good w...more info >>>

Mansbridge & Woodmill River Itchen

posted on 10 September 2007 in Articles / News

Well I managed to get out for the day for a bit of river Fishing So I arranged to meet Paul at Mansbridge Lunch time We walked along for a liitle bit to fish under the BridgeIt was very busy with othe...more info >>>

Town Quay Brings in a few Nice Sole

posted on 1 September 2007 in Articles / News

A Few of the Nailors S.A.C Club members have been fishing Town Quay this month Been Catching some Great Sole Some of Paul's ...more info >>>

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