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Jamie,Hayden and there friend Jack

posted on 16 April 2011 | posted in Articles / News

I decided fo take Jamie Hayden and their friend Jack down to the little lake to do a couple of hours silver fishing.(also good idea to get out of the house as there was 7 kids there .
Jamie had wanted to go there as soon as the weather was a bit warmer as he wanted to try and get some practice in for the junior match, which he is really looking forward to.
i must say the action was hectic, with all 3 boys catching 1 a chuck. so they kept me busy on unhooking and baiting up duty.
I must say a very well done to Hayden who managed to unhook nearly all of his fish himself, I only had to help if he needed a disgorger or got into a little tangle.
The lads must of caught 100 roach between them in under 2 hours, so i was glad to get back, I think they wore me out. dodging fish and hooks, but nice to see they all enjoyed it !!





Well done boys