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Nailors Angling Trophy Night

posted on 21 January 2011 | posted in Articles / News

Results from Nailors Angling Club 2010

Angling Coach Justin Nailor lays on Angling Trophy Night

Here are the results from the 2010 leagues

Nailors Carp League
1st Place Justin Nailor
2nd Joe Joe Bolwell
Best weights
1st Justin Nailor 123lb 12 oz
2nd Nathan Shaw 77lb 3 oz
Biggest Fish In Carp League
11lb 3 oz Joe Bolwell
Silver Fish Leagues
1st Justin Nailor
2nd Andy Cribb
3rd Raymond Brown
Best Weights in silver matches
1st Justin Nailor 54lb 12 oz
2nd Joe Bolwell 44lb 14 oz
Biggest fish Andy Cribb 10lb 10 oz
Best Fish Caught from Lake Nailors 2010
1st Justin Nailor
2nd Micheal Tooke
Sea Fishing League 2010
1st Micheal Tooke
2nd Lee Burling

The Future Winners


Justin Says its allways good to see Younger Childern take part and Progress in the sport