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Angling - Hints and Tips

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Facts on Rainbow Trout

posted on 12 April 2012 in Hints and Tips

Common name: Rainbow trout Latin name: Oncorhynchus mykiss Record weight: Several fisheries specialise in growing huge rainbow trout with twenty pounders coming out on a regular basis. Current top of ...more info >>>

Facts about Bleak

posted on 15 January 2009 in Hints and Tips

The Bleak is a long, slender, flat sided cyprinid fish with an almost straight back and a small typically superior mouth. Its body is covered with large, loose scales, greyish green/blue on it's back ...more info >>>

Whats inside a Maggot

posted on 7 October 2008 in Hints and Tips

Just a few facts about Maggots Life Cycle - The fly life cycle comprises of four stages: egg , maggot , caster then fly. The Head - The pointed end of the maggot is actually the head. The head contain...more info >>>

Facts on the perch

posted on 15 September 2008 in Hints and Tips

The British record for Perch is 05lbs 09ozs 08dms and was established in 2002.This handsome fish is olive green with six or seven dark vertical stripes with ventral red fins. Its tail is rather small ...more info >>>

Facts about Bream

posted on 15 January 2008 in Hints and Tips

Common name: Common bream Latin name: Abramis brama Record weight: Broken several times in 2001, currently the largest specimen is a fish of 18lb 12oz caught from Bawburgh lake in Norfolk. Distributi...more info >>>

All About Catfish

posted on 1 January 2008 in Hints and Tips

Common name: Wels catfish Latin name: Silurus glanis Record weight: Weight recognised by the British Record Fish Committee is 62lb caught by Richard Garner from Withy Lake in Bedfordshire in 1997. Thi...more info >>>

Features to look for when plumbing up

posted on 5 August 2007 in Hints and Tips

Just a few simple steps that may help all you course anglers to catch a few more fish on the bankBefore I start fishing I spend A good 1/2 hour looking for theses: - Shelf:During summer carp head for ...more info >>>

Responsibility On Fishing

posted on 30 July 2007 in Hints and Tips

Some people would like to see fishing banned as a cruel sport, so every angler has a responsibility to the fish, and the environment. Use barbless hooks, treat the fish with respect and handle them wi...more info >>>

Getting Started

posted on 30 June 2007 in Hints and Tips

Anyone that wants to begin fishing will need a basic kit:A good all round fishing rod (around 10 to 12 feet in length)A robust fixed-spool reel100-200 metres of line (about 4-5lb breaking strain)A sel...more info >>>

Safety when fishing

posted on 23 June 2007 in Hints and Tips

SafetyCategoryMiscellaneousArticleSome essential information on angling safetyJust a few tips, not an exhaustive guide to safetyRemeber - be aware at all times of safety issues, the outdoor world can ...more info >>>

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