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Steve Tuckerís Meaty Methods

posted on 30 August 2012 | posted in Hints and Tips

I needed to give my method fishing an edge. Pellets and groundbait or a mixture of the two have become the norm when fishing the method.

The more matches I fished the more it became clear that the better pegs were winning all the time as everyone was doing the same thing. If I was going to swing the odds in my favour I had to look for something that would stand out, be different and most of all work!

Most of my method fishing is done with meat hookbaits. When the fish are eating meat they quite often get addicted to it and it becomes the 'only" bait to use. I had to try and incorporate this into my fishing and after several experiments the meat method was born. Swapping to this literally transformed my results overnight and I have now notched up some amazing catches using it. To transform your method fishing simply:

Step one

Get yourself 1 bag of Bait-Tech N Tice Meaty Mix and a tin of N Tice Polony. Cut a slice of meat off to use for punching out your hookbaits.


Step Two

Mix the groundbait as you would normally and then into a separate bowl, push the remaining meat through a riddle.


Step Three

These are what you should be left with. Now, just add some of the groundbait to the riddled meat and mix thoroughly. Once mixed I like to push the whole mix back through the riddle again to make sure it all evenly dispersed.


Step Four

The finished article and a new take on method fishing. You have to try this, it deadly!