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Coach Justin fishes Silver Match

posted on 29 August 2010 | posted in Articles / News

i All

Just a quick report and update on how the 5 th Silver Fish Match went Clap
Had time for a quick walk up the lakes to spotted that the Large lake Wind was pushing up the eastley which makes the fishing very hard Shocked so Know that the little lake would be the better Choice Today
So with everyone on time for this match Even Andy LOL driving down Just in time to pick the 1 st name out of the hat
1st out of the hat went to Joe who picked a Peg up from Middle of Little Lake ( Strange Choice of Peg Again Confused )
2nd Raymond , Ended up joining Joe end of small Lake
3rd Andy Picked 2nd of end of Big Lake Next to Pads
4th Me , Picked end of big Lake other side which I think could be a great peg as you could fish to the back of the pads and the margan plus yes hoping for the sun to come out
Last was Mark which picked the Golden Peg in my eyes which I thought Joe was going to take Middle of Little Lake Between the pads
So all Spaced out which was good
I had to change my ways of fishing a bit as was hoping for smaller lake but always wanted to fish the peg I was in anyway
So with Ground bait Feeder set up ready to go along with a couple of whips in-case I had to catch a few smaller ones but wanted to go for the carp only on this match.
Started of with Paste on the feeder filled with goodies right up to the back of the pads
Not even a Tap with in the 1st half Hour but wanted to continued with this method
45 minutes later 1 tap which was a good sign that fish was moving in the swim but the wind really picked up Blowing in my face
It was really strange on the feeder as I started getting a few quick bites then nothing come of it , then missed a good bite then went very slow
I was keeping a eye on Andy as he was starting to catch quite a few fish and missed a good fish as I could hear this Reel Drag
With over 1/2 way though the match and no fish in the keepnet, I had to do some think to even get a place in this Match
So I know Andy was Catching Well and thought the others on smaller Lake would be bagging up
So had to go for a few smaller ones on the Whip to at least get some fish in the net LOL
I manged to get them going but was hard to see the pole float due to the wind
So with a few lbs in the net with bits and 1/2 Hour left I had to land a carp on the feeder to put the weight up a bit
15 Mins to go and the tip went around and landed a 3lb carp , Casts straight back out and had a 80z Skimmer which would of helped a bit me getting a place
Time for weigh In , which we started On the little lake
And the final results was
Me 9lb 1 0z
Andy 8lb
Mark Smith 6lb 15 0z
Raymond 5lb 4 0z
Joe 4lb 10z
Great News for me as has put me 15 points ahead of the league Table but really thought I was going to be last in this one as didn't even catch a fish intill 3 1/2 hours into the match Shocked
So Well done all Clap and Very much looking forward to the last match