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Features to look for when plumbing up

posted on 28 October 2006 | posted in Hints and Tips

Just a few simple steps that may help all you course anglers to catch a few more fish on the bankWink
Before I start fishing I spend A good 1/2 hour looking for theses: -
During summer carp head for the warm, shallow water . Fish on the top of the ledge because this is a natural patrol route.
Islands and margins are brilliant places to target carp. Also look for any change in depth - six to four feet will attract fish.
If there are no distinct shelves to fish on top of, a slope is your next best bet. Fish can feed easily against the sloping gradient and it is guaranteed that silt wont accumulate on these because it settles down the slope in deeper water.
Gravel Bars:
Gravel bars are natural patrol routes for fish as they cruise along the raised surface. They are easy for the fish to feed on and are generally clear of weed allowing you to present a bait on them easily.
Silt Patch:
Older lakes will accumulate large beds of silt up to three feet deep. The last thing you want to do is feed here because all of your bait will sink in the silt and the fish will stir up the bottom , making it hard for them to find your hookbait.
Snags are definite fish holding features, especially when the water is cold. In the summer fish will spread out more, but whenever you are fishing you must gear up accordingly.
Deep Holes:
When its starts to get cold fish will head for deeper water where they feel safest and will be least affected by the change in conditons. Be wary because these holes may be full of debris!
always drag a plummet about. The last thing you want to do is to feed a potful of bait and then find out that you cant present a hook bait on top of it. If you are fishing the margins or far bank look for reeds that are under water and in open water look for large chunks of weed.
Follow these few simple rules and I sure you will see the benfitts from them.
I hope it helps you catch a few more fish on the bank.