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Thomas at Lakeside

posted on 20 March 2017 | posted in Articles / News

Thomas at Lakeside on a very windy morning


He started of fishing the pole close in using maggots us bait
and didn't take long in till this float slide away and landed a nice size roach.

Thomas then wanted to fish the feeder so after casting out in the right spot which took a couple of attempts, ten minutes later the tip bend away


After 5 minutes playing the fish a nice skimmer at the end

then followed by a roach


Thomas then wanted to have a go for some pike as when he reeled in a roach a pike attacked one, so we know there was a few close to us.

We quickly set up the spinning rod with a dead bait and didn't take long in till we hooked into one , but after 5 minutes playing the fish it come of . this then happened a few more time in till Thomas landed one


A great day