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How to Elasticate Your Pole

posted on 16 November 2012 | posted in Hints and Tips

Probably the most asked frequently asked question we receive is "how do I elasticated my pole?"


Follow this step by step guide and you'll find it's easy to elasticate a fishing pole.


Fit your bush to your top kit, it should be a tight fit without glue, cut back your tip section gradually to get it a perfect tight fit

With a pole threader, thread your elastic down the kit back to the larger end, if going through two or three sections thread the elastic down all sections

You now have the elastic going through all of the sections of pole you have chose to thread.


Tie the elastic to a pole bung, then cut the bung so that it goes up into the base of your 2nd or 3rd section. The bung can easily be cut with a juniour hacksaw. Cut it so that it goes up into the section about 15cm. If you use a screw bung then it can easily be retractored if required.


Now pull the elastic tight at the tip end and thread on a stonfo connector. The cap goes on first then the elastic is threaded through the hole in the connector


Now tie tight while under tension trim back and then clip the cap of the connector back over. You need a reasonable tension to be on the elastic