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About Maggots

posted on 16 January 2015 | posted in Hints and Tips

Maggots are probably the easiest to keep fresh. When you bring the maggots home from the shop where you bought them, make sure that the sawdust in which you most likely got them is dry. If it is moist or smells bad, then it needs to be changed. Riddle the maggots and add new wood preservation agent free sawdust. If you want you can also use maize flour. But do not use maize flour if you intend to use sticky mag with the maggots since the maize flour in the maggot's` skin reduces sticky mag`s binding effect unless you wash them before use. Keep the maggots in a dry place, not too cold that air moisture doest condensate inside the box and remember to make sure that the maggots get enough air. The most important thing about storing maggots is to keep them in as stable temperature as possible. If the temperature keeps dropping and rising then the maggots tend to turn to casters quicker.