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Cover Your Bait with Paste!

posted on 15 May 2014 | posted in Hints and Tips

When carp fishing, standing out from the crowd is the best way to get an edge. Carp are more and more difficult to catch even when using the old faithful methods of PVA bags or mesh bags.

Covering your baits with paste will give you an extra edge, make your rig more attractive and most often, offer a serious alternative to whatís existing out there!

How can you make your pellets, pop ups, tiger nuts, boilies and all other baits more attractive? The answer is to cover them up with a super-attractive paste!

Let us first have a look at the Krill & Tuna Method Mix Ė it is rich in proteins and amino acids and has a pungent aroma that draws fish into your swim. A liquid additive, for example X-Cite Tuna Oil will no doubt whip up your paste.

Letís see how to make it:

You will need:

A bowl and an empty pop up pot as a measuring tool.

1) Whip an egg as though preparing an omelet and fill half your pop up pot with the Krill & Tuna Method Mix

2) Then mix the bait and the egg, gradually adding the liquid additive.

3) Mix till you get consistent dough-like mix

Just cover your baits with this mix and your baits will be very attractive indeed!