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Grantís Winter Waggler Tips

posted on 15 January 2013 | posted in Hints and Tips

Winter waggler fishing is one of my favourite methods. Even though the water is cold and fish will usually be in deeper water on clear, mild, sunny days you can often catch very well in really shallow water up against Islands.

Fish will naturally want to be in the warmest water and as the margins and shallow water warms up quickest, this is where they will want to be. Fish metabolism slows at this time of year and this is why they donít need a lot of feed. By fishing the waggler I have full control over how much feed I put in. Feeder can score but I would only turn to this if I was 100% sure it was the right thing to do


Bait-Tech N-Tice Polony is by far my number 1 bait for this method. As meat has a lovely slow fall through the water and fished as I do with no shot down the line lets me present a bait perfectly.


I never feed anything to start. I will cast to see if there are any fish in the swim. The last thing I want is potentially spook any fish by crashing in a lot of feed. Remember you canít take out what youíve put in so start of gently and Ďfeelí your way in. quite often you can hook several fish very early by doing this. A great way to get a good lead
It might go against everything we know but shallow water carping in winter can be devastating. Next time youíre on the bank and the sun is shining, donít ignore the shallows!