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Laurence on the Perch Again

posted on 12 October 2015 | posted in Articles / News

After a quick chat Laurence deiced he wanted to target perch again

So after looking at both lakes we started seeing some signs of fry jumping on the large lake close in.

We quickly set up a feeder and float rod and headed over to the large lake


didn't take long in till 1st fish but it was a skimmer , but still always good to catch the first fish
Then the rod tip moved a few times which was a good sign as it looked like a perch bite then it went .

Laurence grabbed the rod and the fish was on and fighting really well

10 minutes later

cracking Perch

re-baited then straight out again with the feeder rod

15 minutes later other perch on the bank


which was great to see


this was starting to be a great day


then to end the day of a nice roach

Laurence did so well on this session with over 10 roach and 8 Perch with many being over a pound in weight
Great day all round