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Save Our Sea Bass

posted on 12 September 2017 | posted in Articles / News

August 2017 Update

With your invaluable support in 2016, we won an amazing and unprecedented victory: the EU Fisheries Ministers ruled that the only people allowed to fish for Sea Bass above the 48th parallel are the public and commercial hook & line fishermen.

But the EU scientists say the Sea Bass stock is now so low that there is a risk that it will fail to recover and will remain depleted for an extended period. The EU Commission said last year that the scientific advice for Sea Bass is very alarming and that it is vital to rebuild the Sea Bass stock.

So now we need your help again. If we can persuade the EU Commission and the Fishery Ministers to accept our proposals, 2018 will be a turning point Ė the Sea Bass fishery will become sustainable, we will halt the decline and put the Sea Bass stock on the road to recovery.

Please reply to the EU Commissionís consultation on 2018 Fishing Opportunities, telling them to:

  • Ban fixed netters from landing bass, or restrict them to 3% of total catch.
  • Cut the vessel catch limit for commercial hook and line fishermen to 1.0 tonne per annum.
  • Protect spawning Sea Bass with a 6-month moratorium for commercial bass landings.

Letís make 2018 the year the Sea Bass stock starts to grow again.

email the EU commission.

for more information please contact info@saveourseabass.org