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Carp Match 3 From Coach Justin

posted on 12 May 2012 | posted in Articles / News

Yes it was Time for the Next Carp Match which was a 30 hour on the Lakes

Up Nice and Early with the sun shining which made a change from all the Rain we have been getting lately

All on Time for the Check In, Quick Chat then got on with the Draw

I believe I was first out the Hat so Picked the Bowl on the Large Lake

Was looking forward to this One as had a long Week and needed to unwind , and there’s no better way to do this then down the lakes with a line in the water

Not a great start for me with the Zip broke Again on the inner panel of My Trakker Bivvy , so will be sending it back , Just Lucky I had the over wrap to put over

Just about set up then time to start 10.30 am

Within the 1st Hour fish on,


so things was looking good

A Nice 8lb 8 oz Ghosty looks slightly like the fish I had a few years ago for fish of the Year but a Bit Smaller so there must be a Few in the Lake


Ended up landing a few More


then Time for somthing to Eat

A Nice Curry Hayden made and brought Down, Just the Job

Think I managed a couple more fish


then went very slow,

All though the night just a few bleeps which was a shock as it fishes very well at night but this may of been due to the weather because it did turn very cold with the unhooking mat Iced Up with a sheet of Ice and top of Bivvy all frosted Up as well

But I did have a Visit of a Friendly Rat kept coming in the Bivvy and Jumping in my bucket of Pellets , 1st One I have seen down the lakes for a long Time

Up very Early watching the lake and the steam coming of the lake with sun beating Down, Nothing better


Chat with everyone else then slow walk back to the rods to see If I could manage a few more fish but know it was going to hard as the fish was about a foot of the top but not really hot enough of get them on doggys as there was still a bit of wind on the lake

Try a few Zigs , But No Joy on them but will not give up on them as I am sure it is going to me a few more fish this year

Couple more fish out which was a result


So here are the results

1st place Justin - total fish 12no 25 points

ghost carp - 1no 8lb 8oz

Linnear - 1no 4lb 6 oz

Commons - 5no

6lb 0oz

6lb 4oz

04 oz

3lb 5oz

8lb 14 0z

Mirrors 5 no

7lb 10z

6lb 2oz

11lb 14oz Biggest fish of match

9lb 0oz

8lb 10oz

Total Weight 80lb 13oz