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Emily Doing It Again

posted on 8 May 2015 | posted in Articles / News

Great to see Emily Again

This time we picked a new peg to fish due to the wind

Emily started catching plenty of Roach again

Some really good size ones

The Morning was going to be fill of surprises as about 5 baby ducks kept attacking the float


5 minutes later Emily landed a great Bream


then other one


Emily then went on to catch about 40 more roach

as she went to swing one in on a short pole with 3lb line on and size 18 hook , she had a shock of her life as a large pike took the roach and the pole bend over double

I thought there was no chance that she was going to land this Fish and that the line would break or the pike would bite straight though It

15 minutes later fish landed


Emily was so Happy

Well done on a outstanding session