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Clive and Neil Father and Son Fishing Experience

posted on 7 August 2015 | posted in Articles / News

Clive and Neil (Father and Son) wanted a Fishing Experience

So With it being Clive's birthday and his son Neil being over from new Zealand on holiday there was no better way
to spend the day with Father and Son Angling coaches Mick and Justin and what a fun Day it was


Started of fishing close in with Poles to try and catch there 1st fish


didn't take long in till Clive caught his 1st fish


very proud moment

Neil catching Some Roach too

It really was a great fun day and a great way for dads to spend some time with there children

It didn't take long before the competition started between father and son
which was great too see

Plenty of fish caught and story's and jokes being said with each other

Then Clive hooked into a nice Perch

great way to end the day and look forward to seeing you again soon on the lakes
Or maybe on your Boat