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Trotting Rig

posted on 2 July 2013 | posted in Hints and Tips

One of the best ways to catch dace, roach and chub is with a simple stick float 'trotting' rig. I usually fish mine with a centre pin because the control is so superior to anything else.

Use an alloy stem stick for ultimate stability in the water.
Evenly spaced shot allow you to fish at all levels of the water.
When the stick float runs through unchecked at the speed of the current remember the float is preceding the bait.
When you hold the stick float gently back the movement of the bait will be quickened.
Holding back hard makes the bait move in front of the float and it waves up above the bottom in an enticing way.
The shot nearest the hook should be the smallest - giving perfect presentation and preventing tangles.
If the float tip takes noticeably longer to settle then strike. It means a fish has intercepted the bait on the drop.
Don't try and fish the stick float any more than 1.5 rod lengths out from the bank.
Feed sparingly as this will make sure hungry fish actively search the water for your hookbait.
Try to run the float through on the same line that you are feeding.
Use hooks from 14 to 20, with baits like stewed wheat, corn, maggots and casters.
A centre pin makes trotting much easier.