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Silver Match 1 (2011 )

posted on 1 March 2011 | posted in Articles / News

Hi All
Just a quick report to let everyone know how the 1st Silver Fish match went
Early start with a 8am check in and with the weather looking good , So it was set to be a great match Clap
So with the Draw on the way and with 3 on the little lake and 4 on the big Lake
Fishing was a little slow and you had to really work hard to get the fish feeding Confused as the lakes was still very cold and eastly winds Angry on the bigger lake
Then the bad weather hit us Ouch and trust me it was not nice with large hailstones coming down and the wind picking up at one point making must members brollys spinning around
Fishing was really slow for me when the bad weather hit us with only a fish every 15 mins if I was lucky
Anyway here are the results
Results was
Me 8lb 10 0z
Andy 7lb 10 0z
Joe 5lb 11 0z
Lee Blundell 4lb 15 0z
Raymond 1lb 12 0z
Mark 140z
Mich - No weight Not weighed In

Joe also had biggest Fish a roach of 13 0z Plus I had a couple around the 11 oz mark
I must say a very well done to everyone who fished the match as it wasn't easy at all , and great to see some great weights coming out Clap as I checked a lot of other matches on this weekend and winning weights was as low as 3lb on packed full fish lakes
Plus I was very happy to see the quality of fish Big smile caught from both lakes without any marks on them (Mint) which is very rare to see theses days on other lakes
I must say I really have a big Buzz about the two lakes this year and can see some really nice fish and weights coming out Wink
Just a few more things to say is that full credit to Mark and this Catch from the little lake with some mint Carp but sadly carp didn't count in this Match and Andes work rate along with Lee Full Credit to them ...
And Even Young Joe really getting into it and Raymond having a great Bash at It Clap
But really full credit Once again to everyone that fished the match ,
It was great to see and most of all a very enjoyable days fishing with Friends
The only thing that gutted a few of us was that When we went to weigh Lees Fish in we couldn't find this Keepnet , The wind must of blowed it in Very Strange as I know Lee worked hard thought the match and had the skimmers going for sure Must be a wonder bait he has stuck up this sleeve
In till next time