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Mansbridge & Woodmill River Itchen

posted on 10 September 2007 | posted in Articles / News

Well I managed to get out for the day for a bit of river Fishing
So I arranged to meet Paul at Mansbridge Lunch time
We walked along for a liitle bit to fish under the Bridge


It was very busy with other People Fishing and People walking by which made it very hard to settle down and Fish as you had to keep moving Your Gear plus other Anglers casting over you Angry plus Childern jumping in where you was Fishing
We ended up catching a few Smaller Fish which inculde Dace , Chub , and Bleak


We then headed of to fish Wood mill which was very slow but ended up catching a few more Dace



A few Trout Jumping but Very slow
We wanted to also try the Salt water side of wood mill for some Bass and Mullet but it was Low Water Again .

Great day out anyway watching other Anglers having a go at catching a few Fish
But The rivers are not fishing very well at the moment but I will return soon for other Go