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Facts on the Rudd

posted on 15 February 2010 | posted in Articles / News

The British record for Rudd is 04lbs 10ozs 00 grams was established in 2001.

The Rudd's habitat is lakes and slow moving rivers.


Rudd is similar in appearance and often mistaken for a Roach. The most prominent factor which distinguishes a Rudd is the upturned lower lip and the beginning of its dorsal fin is set well back from the front of its pelvic fins. The body colour is more vivid in the Rudd.

Rudd have a double set of pharyngeal (throat) teeth. Roach only have a single set. The Rudd has body colours ranging from Green, Brown, and Red to Golden.

The Rudd is predominantly a surface feeder and is best captured using floating casters, maggots, worms, Bread Paste and Trout Pellets.