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Dandy Ford, Lodge Lake

posted on 19 August 2013 | posted in Articles / News

Yes back at Dandy Ford, but for a change on Lodge Lake

Coach Justin


George managed to pull out a barbel on maggot with a 4mtr whip and a few small carp plus the usual roach rudd, but no tench for us



Great Picture


George really enjoying the Pole , Watch out Dad he will be after one soon

Great day again apart from the down pour of Rain towards the end
Plenty of Tench and curains for me along with a few carp Biggest being around 4lb
But the carp seemed to be slow on our end of lake for some reason so tried close in the margins then snapped a few times on bigger carp
tried to get them going on pellet Waggler as this is a method I would like to master More but no Joy so will have to keep trying
thanks for everyone making it a great day and hope you all enjoyed it
in till next time