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Coach Lee - Short Carp Session(Large Lake)

posted on 24 October 2010 | posted in Articles / News

Hi All
well on Saturday 23rd October i ventured the wet and cold weather and did a short session on large lake and spoke to Joe and two other members who forgive me i have forgotten their names we had a good chat and then i walked to the far end of the large lake to fish, can i just take this opportunity to thank my girlfriend Michelle for buying me a carp barrow for my Birthday from Nailors fishing tackle and thank you justin for advising her on what one to buy me "Thank you very much, mate" what a difference in transporting gear from van to the bank all in one go rather than four.ClapGreat kit don't know why i didn't get one sooner!
Now i had two hours to fish as Michelle wanted me home for 4pm so not to look a gift horse in the mouth and having full consent i ventured out, i had made some boilies for the first time so only took these to see how they would fair and if they would work?
The first hour was slow with just a tap then my first run but came to nothing and so rebaited.
Pouring out a cup of coffee from the flask another run this time hooked into a nice 9lb 4oz common carp, then another at 9lb 7oz okay again nice fish and getting bigger hey these home made first time boilies are working and i'm into my third carp of 11lb 2oz mirror this time and feeling rather happy at catching on my own homemades i put two boilies on the hair this time and hoped this would bring me a quick response as the time was ticking on....well i was not to disappointed as carp number four came over the net at 12lb 10oz mirror carp so two common and two mirrors for a two hour session and on my first attempt on making my own boilies GREAT STUFF.....After checking the bottom of my shoes for any traces of dog as i can hardly believe my luck today i packed up loaded the new barrow and walked back to the van....wow how easy this barrow is cannot wait to go fishing again so i can use the barrow oh and the next batch of home mades after this short session.