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Coach Justin in 48 hour Carp Match

posted on 9 August 2010 | posted in Articles / News

Yes this was the One that everyone was looking forward to this year , the 5th Carp Match on Lake Nailors
Great to see that everyone was On time for the Draw at 5.00pm
Plus to see a few names faces this time


With The Wind Pumping down the Lake things was looking good for the weekend
All Set up ready to go and Paul Putting the kettle on for me as Forgot the Milk , It was time to put the rods out 6.30 pm Start
Started of good with Natans Bite Alarm going of within 5 Mins , Then I managed to land a couple within the 1st 1/2 Hour then Want slow for the next couple of hours
So Quickly tried a few other bits and changed a rig and managed a quick Bite and other fish on the bank
It was a Great Weekend with Great Company as always Clap
Heres a few Photos of fish caught from Me




Plus Managed to get a couple of the Top which is always good fun Big smile
Second Day Paul Kindly Popped Up tescos to get a few bits for the bbq as the other Guys all ready had Tea sorted
Young George doing a great Job


Plus one Of Young Georges Fish


Well done
I wasnt to sure How Wayner and the top of the lake was doing and Kept seeing Nathan Cacthing a few Bigger ones But only Nocited him up on the second night a few times as I was up intill 5am listening to Radio One
Then had 1hour kip intill the Bite alarm want of again
This time Missed other one , Straight In the pads Angry Which happened a few times with a better fish on the end , But Will never know Sleepy
Anyway the final weights was
Me - 123lb 12 0z Around 26 Fish
Nathan - 77lb 3 oz Around 14 Fish
Wayner 57lb 8 0z Around 13 Fish
Joe 41lb 10 0z
Raymond 17lb 10 0z
Micky 10lb 3 oz
paul 8lb
George 8lb
Pools was 60 1st 36 2nd
Really looking forward to the Next match now Wink
And Great effort By Nathan on his 1st MATCH