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Coach Justin at Pads Lake ( Yatley )

posted on 7 October 2008 | posted in Articles / News

Thanks for the photos Jake Clap
The Photos are from our fishing trip September 2008 Pads Lake ( Yatley )
After a early start meeting up at matt and Gary we had a nice slow drive down to Yatley
Once we Arrived we meet up with Colin , Jake and Carl from Steamer baits which was good to put names to faces Wink Great guys and looking forward to next time Clap
at this time we was waiting for two more guys to come which got a bit lost on the way , so Myself , matty and Gary had a walk around the pads lake to see what pegs we wanted to fish
About 15 mins later the other two turn up , so we drawed for pegs
I think I had number 3 , so Picked peg 13 next to the pads
Heres a veiw of my peg



Fishing was really hard going and didnt help with the amount of weed that was in the lake , it was a case of trying to find a clear patch ( Not many) Looking back at it , I wished I raked a bit out on my swim.
Heres the catch report from Colin
"I Had a 28.5 from pole swim, I lost two other fish from there and a 23 pounder stalking in peg 6, Carl had a couple of doubles biggest under 19 pound and one about 8 pound from peg 2, Jake had a couple of small doubles plus a 29 pound 10 ounce fish from peg three, Carl and Jake had their runs from margin areas but Jake did lose one from middle".
I lost about 5 fish all week and ended up with a couple
27 lb 10 The Photo in the above post
and a 28lb 12


Plus had a 6lb Bream

All my fish was caught on Steamer Baits Strawberry and Cream ( Very Good) plus had both of them from the small gap in Centre of the Pads
I was getting feed up of the birds taking my baits every 5 mins and even taking my baits of my hair every time
Great place to Fish , but I would say 4 Max on the lake next tme and I think the Owners really do need to work on the lake a bit more and try to clear some of the Swims as a lot of of fish was being snagged which is not doing the fish any good
Plus at least put a cold water supply in and maybe a hut with a shower as there is over 13 lakes on the Complex and gets very busy with Anglers
But besides that I will be back giving it a other bash Big smile
I am not to sure about the other two and I am sure Matty and Gary will add there report