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Coach Justin Vists Lac Serenity France with the Lads

posted on 15 April 2013 | posted in Articles / News

After a nice slow drive down to the lake from the ferry we pulled into the town which was mins away from the lake

I was itching to see the lakes as have not heard a great deal about the lakes plus really looking to spending a week away with the lads and doing some fishing as have been very busy working long hours with the business and spending lots of time with the family, So it was going to be good for me to unwind and do some fishing for a change


When we pulled into the owners House , we was all welcomed by Ali one of the owners , quick chat and a nice cup of tea then 5 mins later Tony turned up with a tour around the lake

The Lake was very tidy and kept clean, but it was a shame that we didn't see the lake with the lillys up as it would of give us a good marker point to where to fish


I was a bit concerned about the weather this week as a week before they had a lot of snow and it was very cold and overcast with the weather dropping to – 5 one night

We all had a good chat for 10mins and picked our swims as the ground was a little bit wet we couldn't drive around the lake , so tony come along with the quad bike and trailer and droped our fishing gear to each peg which was a great as a lot of lakes do not do this.

Photo of my peg


So after setting up I managed to get my rods out for an hour or so before Tea and just kept looking at my peg for any signs of fish

Great homemade Meal which I think everyone needed, couple of lagers and a few games of pool to settle in the Evening then a slow walk down to the lake to get the Rods in for the 1st Night of fishing which I only slept for a few hours as was just happy to watch my swim and be out on the bank

No fish for me the 1st Night so up nice and early for a Quick shower which was very hot and clean and in time for a great breakfast ( Yet again this was looking to be a great week for food) and hoping the fish would come out to play

I didn't expect many fish to come out all week to be far due to the bad weather and Temp being so cold but would give it my best shoot at getting a few out


Not much action in front of me but managed to get a cracking common out at 30lb 6 0z and it was in mint condition


Pict of 30lb 6 0z

Caught on Mnt Fishmeal tipped

Well pleased at this point as managed to get a fish on the bank early in the week


This was a very wet and cold day with no fish showing what so ever in my peg and no fish for me on this day


Up nice and early to find that I was flooded at this stage in my bivvy as didn't zipped down the front door as I like to keep the bivvy open at all times , so a quick tidy up inside then I brought all rods in and decided to have a cast around with a lead to see if I feel the edges of the pads more clearer and set some focus points so I know where to cast to ect for a chance of landing a few more fish.

The wind changed slightly which was a good sign for me

Around lunch time I spotted a showing fish which was good news, so casted a bait on top then 1 hour the rod screams of with a 15lb common


Caught on Mnt Fishmeal Tipped

Then a few hours later one of rods goes off, this Fish felt a lot better as bend the rod over double plus the fish tried to hold bottom in one place so I was thinking this may be one of the bigger Catfish in the lake

5mins later I managed to lift it of the bottom and was playing the fish for a good 10mins which was taking me all over the lake at this point I didn't see the fish but was buzzing as I know this was going to be a good fish, Managed to bring it a few rod lengths with the rod bend then the line snapped

Well gutted but that's fishing for you and still had plenty of time to maybe catch some more

Later that day I landed 3 more fish

24lb 3 0z Common
34lb 2 0z Mirror
25lb 4 0z Mirror

So at this point I was very pleased


Other great day for me 4 more fish on the bank and lost 2 fish


4lb 8 0z Cat



39lb 4 0z Common and Lake Record for Common to this Point so happy with that

31lb 2 0z common

And 32lb 6 0z common which I cannot find a Photo for as My phone packed up maybe on chirs phone maybe , so was grateful for others taking Photos for me


One fish landed


27lb 4 0z Mirror



17lb 8 0z mirror


24lb 8 0z mirror

Plus lost a couple of fish

Sat Last day

8lb 6 0z Cat fish – sorry no photo

And on the last morning a cracking 33lb Common


So all in all I am very happy with 14 fish for the week 2 cat fish, 6 x 30s , 4 mid 20s 2 x under 20

I really enjoyed the trip and the Lake and all I can say is that if you are looking for a place to fish in France to get a bend in the rod and a get a taster then this is a great lake for you to visit

The Lake is not easy to fish at any means but with a bit of watercraft and the right bait in the right areas then I am sure you will do well

The other plus point is that the lake is only 2 ½ half hour’s drive from the boat, Nice and quiet town with the people very friendly and helpful


The Lake fits 8 on nicely but has 12 pegs but to get the best out of the fishing I WOULD SAY 6 PEOPLE NEXT TIME SO WE ARE SPACED OUT MORE

The Facilities are very good prepared to many other lakes I have fished in France , lots of Electic points , nice hot shower and clean , Pool table , cooking equipment , freezers , tv and the Food is great ( You get well looked after and all home made

The Owners are real People which are hard to find and goes a long way and if you get Tony to one side he has lots of Experience on Carp fishing all over France and Uk and he knows the lakes like the back of this hand

Both very nice people and I wish them well in what they do in the next few years

The Fish range from 15lb to 45lb going on what I have seen but I believe there is a lot bigger Carp in the lake along with some cats going up to 50lb mark

Give this Lake a couple of years then I could see the Average fish being 40lb plus along with a few 60s in the mix

The fish are in mint condition so please let’s keep them this way as I want to go back as soon as possible to catch some more

Once again thanks for Paul for booking and finding a great lake and to all making it a great trip away

Intill next time