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BCAC Broadlands Pairs 2012

posted on 28 June 2012 | posted in Articles / News

Post Match Report for Broadlands - Hampshire Eliminator | Round Six: 22nd-24th June 2012 Success on Slingers for Moody and Hughes The fabulous Broadlands Lake is always a venue that every competitor keeps their beady eyes on simply because we return there again in September for the grand final. Unsurprisingly, the dozen places go out of the door within minutes, and this year our line-up of very talented competitors got off to a similar start. By 9pm on Friday there were already nine teams into the fish, with Justin Nailor and Simon Tarrant leading the way on 42lb. Just behind then were the CC Moore backed duo of Lewis Swift and Jack Meyer. Two of the most consistent anglers we’ve seen in recent times, they were at it again on Broadlands and were right on the pace as we headed into Friday night. At Broadlands you’re never quite sure where the winners will come from, but Saturday morning brought with it an indication that the Motorway Bay was the place to be. Meyer and Stamp were right in there and leading the way on 94lb 7oz closely followed by Lewis Game and Mark Gibson on 84lb 11oz. However, with the sixth place pairing of Kevin Hughes and Ricky Moody not far back on 67lb 10oz, it really was still wide open. Bream problems for some competitors were also enforcing some major tactical changes with the usual solid bag approach proving costly. As the weekend moved on, it was the anglers sticking to straight boilie tactics who lead the way, with Dave Levy and Mark Rush starting to make some headway with one of the larger Broadlands carp at 24lb 10oz. Pegged in the Long Chuck, their catch rate started to surprise everyone as the peg had little form in previous BCAC encounters. Also making their move were Kevin Hughes and Ricky Moody who on Slingers Point were finding the bay to their right to be full of carp. They picked them off steadily right through Saturday to at one stage take the lead. However, in last year’s BCAC winning swim were Game and Gibson, and by Saturday evening they had moved into first with 12 carp for 179lb 7oz. With those pairs safe the battle turned to who would secure third. Four teams were in the running including David and Matt Barlow who had always been in the running, Stamp and Meter in the quieter Motorway Bay, plus Glenn Burnett and Danny Otter who had been steadily picking the odd fish off from the very start. All got within a carp or so but in the very un-fancied Long Chuck, it was Levy and Rush who amassed a very good 143lb 7oz to progress to the semi-final’s.



Place. Pairs Team Weight No. Fish
1 . Kevin Hughes / Ricky Moody 217 lb 7 oz 15
2 . Lewis Game / Mark Gibson 205 lb 10 oz 14
3 . Dave Levy / Mark Rush 143 lb 7 oz 11
4 . David Barlow / Matt Barlow 125 lb 15 oz 9
5 . Lewis Swift / Jack Meyer CC Moore 120 lb 10 oz 9
6 . Glenn Burnett / Danny Otter 108 lb 7 oz 9
7 . Justin Nailor / Simon Tarrant 88 lb 9 oz 7
8 . Kev Ballard / Matt Ross Tackle Box 36 lb 8 oz 4
9 . Dean Webb / John Paine 27 lb 4 oz 2
10 . Matt Price / David Gates iCarp 14 lb 5 oz 1
11 . Ryan Dyke / Callum Kletta For Life Experience 6 lb 12 oz 1
12 . Carl Rimmer / Jamie Pearson 0 lb 0 oz 0