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A couple of Hours Fishing

posted on 14 January 2007 | posted in Articles / News

Well It was a lovely day today so I wanted to get a few hours fishing in with my Dad

Started of fishing a local hidden away Lake near my dads travelling light so we could just have a couple hours of fun fishing in before it got to dark with a whip and light tackle going for smaller fish hopeing to catch roach , rudd and perch really

Ended up with lots of roach and roach up to 1 & 1/2 lb so really pleased but no prech what so ever ( We tryed everythink you could think of!!!


Took a gamble swinging this one in 1 lb plus


In A match I would used the landing net as I was only fishing 2lb main line with a 1lb hook length , size 20 hook
So very light end tackle....

On the way home I stopped of to one of old time hot spots on the itchen to see if we could catch a couple of graying one of my best river fish ,Great fun fighting fish if you use light tackle

Started of lose feeding a few gains of corn and a few handfuls of maggots up steam then 5 mins later a brownly jumped so that bought a smile on my face

Ended up catching the only two but not bad for 1/2 hour fishing

One fish was caught using a stick float
3lb mainline with a 1.7lb hook length size 18 hook on double red maggots just totting down the river and the second was caught using a fine quiver tip rod with a 1/2 once lead and 6 ft hook length with a single gain of sweetcorn


I fancy giving this spot ago next week maybe as it brings back many happy days fishing the river bank and it was the same old spot where I caught my 1st grayling about 8 years ago

Also I had a little walk down steam to notice a couple of pike in the margins which I hope will be waiting for me next time
It was getting dark and my mums Sunday dinner was waiting so what do you do!!!!!!