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Facts about Bleak

posted on 15 January 2009 | posted in Hints and Tips

The Bleak is a long, slender, flat sided cyprinid fish with an almost straight back and a small typically superior mouth. Its body is covered with large, loose scales, greyish green/blue on it's back with silvery sides and a white belly. It can be found frequenting slow-flowing to stagnant waters, feeding from the surface during the daytime, retiring to deeper water during the evening and night. The Bleak has a life span of three to six years and can grow in length to 17 -20 cm.


Methods of Capture. The Bleak is not generally a sought after fish but then again, can and often does come to the rescue as a match winner on flooded rivers or in the middle of summer when little else is feeding. Light tackle, small hooks, and slow falling baits will pick them out. Couple this with a Whip of 3 metres or so and a steady weight can be obtained.
As yet we still have to come across a 'Specialists' Group for the Bleak but then again who knows there may be one out there.....